How Kyle Proposed

Hey friends! I hope you are having a wonderful day (or night). I am so happy you are here on my blog ❤ As promised, here is a blog post dedicated to how Kyle proposed. Grab some popcorn and enjoy the story!

Back Story 

  Kyle and I have been dating since high school and throughout college (6 years). Kyle and I knew after 3 years of dating that we wanted to one day get married. We even looked at rings together 2 years leading up to him proposing. Why we decided getting engaged at a young age was right for us was because Kyle was applying for Physical Therapy school and he wasn’t sure where he was going to end up. For me to pick up my life and move somewhere seemed like a huge commitment on my end without knowing that there was this for sure commitment for marriage. My family is also on the more conservative side when it comes to relationships. So I felt more comfortable moving in with him and following him to where he got into school if we were engaged and Kyle respected how I felt. 

Leading up to the Engagement

   Kyle and I just moved to flagstaff and started settling into our new apartment. I was about to start work and he was preparing for PT school. Kyle mentioned to me that he had a meet and greet on campus with his Physical Therapy class one weekend and wanted to grab brunch before. I agreed to go with him because I was not about to pass up a yummy brunch. The morning of this “meet and greet” I had a feeling something special was coming. Kyle also gave a few hints that week and that morning that made me start to feel like he was going to propose. A) he offered to pick out my outfit (he never does that). B) I wasn’t gonna do my hair and kyle insisted that I do it and C) I may have noticed a box in his pants at lunch (lol). Despite these things I didn’t want to get my hopes up so I brushed them off. After our brunch, Kyle and I headed towards Northern Arizona University to go to his “meet and greet”.
   On our walk over it was pretty toasty outside and Kyle and I are not hand-holders. The whole walk over he kept insisting on holding hands but it was so hot that I kept pulling my hand away. Little did I know he had a photographer following us taking pictures so long story short those photos were not keepers. Once we got too old main we were admiring campus, there was even a beautiful wedding getting set up as well as setting the mood. Then all of a sudden I realized I was walking alone and Kyle was behind me! He was on a knee holding up a ring and he started his proposal but stupid me cut him off saying “NO” I was completely speechless and then Kyles face changed and I realized never said the word “way” after. I quickly fixed it and said, “like no way” then continued to freak out saying, “YES YES YES I will marry you” without even letting him finish his sentence. Then I noticed the photographer and we started taking some engagement photos. It was seriously our perfect moment but now we have a running joke of me saying no first lol  (have to keep our boys on their toes right haha). 
Post Engagement
  After finishing up the engagement I called my best friend of course but then we headed back to where we had breakfast and both of our families traveled up to Flagstaff to celebrate our engagement. He planned a lunch/cocktail hour for both of our families and it was amazing. I was so impressed he thought of all this. After our lunch, with our families, we went home, changed, and had a date night! It started with drinks at our favorite cocktail lounge. After we had reservations at this nice Italian restaurant in town but unfortunately they were closed because of flood damage. Kyle was very upset because they never let him know that they were closed (they ended up giving us a free meal due to this incident). Yet it worked out because there was an American Bistro in town that I was dying to try but it was a little more upscale so it was a perfect occasion to finally try it. It ended up being a wonderful meal. Our day was perfect for us and is something we will forever cherish.

Engagement Ring Is From Ritani


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